Who We Want

Our initiative looks for tech companies that have a solid product who also meet the following criteria:

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Black and Latino Founders

At least one team member of color, holding equity within the company.
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A tangible product with some form of market validation (i.e. users, pilots, clients…the more the better).


Teams must be committed to the success of the project and open to critical feedback from our program.


We’re open to all industries and verticals (Marketplaces, B2B, B2C, IoT, etc) and look for tech and not tech enabled companies.

Who We Are

The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED) is a research driven, practitioner oriented entrepreneurship and economic development center at the Rutgers Business School. We aim to illuminate profitable business investment for the purpose of revitalizing urban communities and strengthening diverse constituencies.

The Black and Latino Tech Initiative is a capacity building pre-accelerator that lays the framework for early-stage companies to develop skills and relationships that attract capital.

How It Works

The Black and Latino Tech Initiative is a 3-month long “pre-accelerator” for founders of color to develop critical skills, develop relationships and refine business ideas to attract capital investment.



Each BLT company will undergo a diagnostics session to determine the viability of their business models.



We’ll provide a deconstructed program curriculum filled with speakers, mentors and influencers held in NYC and Newark, NJ.


Customize Work Plan

Based on the diagnostics and curriculum sessions, each company will receive a customized work plan and be paired with a coach.



We’ll make the connections between your company and our partners including potential investors. Those accepted into accelerators receive matching funds up to $10,000*.

Our Partners

``Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance`` - Verna Myers

Our Team

Mukesh Photo

Mukesh Patel

Entrepreneur in Residence & Executive Coach

Jeff Photo

Dr. Jeffrey Robinson

Academic Director, CUEED

Melissa S Jackson

Melissa S. Jackson

Program Manager

Lyneir Photo

Lyneir Richardson

Executive Director, CUEED

Steering Committee

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